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Letters from our Clients

Mom's & Dad's

Hi Lisa,

I just returned to SF a few days ago and picked Frizz up from Marty's place yesterday. Thank you so much for taking such good care of her.

I greatly enjoyed reading your summary of your time with Frizz, and I am so appreciative of your multiple visits. I didn't expect you to spend so much time with her, but I am so glad that you did, and it is clear from your note that you love animals, which both Frizz and I appreciate! I especially like your accounts of the various visitors that came to meet Frizz. She is very social and, as you say, she likes 

dogs. Perhaps I'll have to get a dog at some point to keep her company. I've resisted getting another cat, in part because I wasn't sure that Frizz would like that. Also, thank you for the photos and the bird seed package. I put the photos on my bulletin board in front of my desk, and added the seed to one of three bird feeders that I keep outside the window for Frizz's entertainment.

All the best to you and your animal friends in the New Year.

I have never used a pet-sitting service, and I am sure that yours is not typical! In short, I was thrilled. If any of my friends need someone to care for their pets while they are gone, I will certainly recommend you!

Warm regards,


Wow,Lisa, what a joy to go on vacation and feel that our babies were on their own special vacation. I came back feeling like I need a vacation but my girls came home HOPING I would leave again! They really had a great time and I know they are missing all the interaction with your other guests, your girls and of course you & Paul!!The photos that you took are by far the most professional that I have ever had of my babies and I am showing them to everybody.I love reading about their time at De-PAW-ture Luv and the great adventures they had in your care!I know they'll have their bags packed and ready to go to Nanny Lisa's at De-PAW-ture Luv before I have my bags packed for my next travels!!I am so grateful to have found you - Thank you for peace of mind and LUVing my babies as much as I do!!

Until next time.......Carrie, Eloise and Allie      

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Thank you so much for your candid thoughts.

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