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Our Clients

As guest in our home your babies are treated as members

of our family. We are cage-free and any where we sit or sleep

ALL of our guest are also allowed and welcomed! REALLY!

We currently have 2 babies that we live with:

Sir Bandit - Rescued off the street - Sept 2014

He is a tri-color 'Chihua-Pin' (Chihuahua & Min Pin Mix)

Sir Smokey - Rescued off the street - June 2017

He is a 'Bishon-oodle' (Bishon & Toy Poodle)

Our Precious Fur Family members that are waiting for us

on the other side of that 'Rainbow Bridge'!

Miss Gizmo - Rescued April 2002.

She was an Apricot/White colored 'Pappy-Poo'

(Papillion & Poodle mix)

RIP: Sadly, Miss Gizmo went to be with the angels on February 6th, 2016, due to failing health with Renal Failure. Paul & I (and Bandit) were with her as she slipped in to a forever sleep!

We tracked all her laboratory results for over a year and everything looked promising until the last few days of her life. She became very frail and her eyes were begging for us to let her go. Dr. Jennifer Steketee came over to our home to administer 'Good-Bye Serum' :(

We were so sad but I never want to make a pet live past their Quality of Life. We had Our Sweet Girl for 16 yrs and it will be hard for us all never to see her joyful antics and revel in her precious kisses.(She was rescued from a hotel room in Laughlin, NV where she was left abandon at about 10 weeks old..left with no water and the housekeeping crew found her almost dead under the bed.) :( We'll all miss her so much!  

Miss Molly -Rescued February 2005. She is a Maltese - White - of course.

RIP: Sadly, Miss Molly went to be with the angels on January 20th, 2014, due to SUDDEN Congestive Heart Failure.

Paul & I were with my mother in Laughlin to celebrate her 90th birthday on the 23rd of January when we got the call from our house sitter that Molly had passed away! :( We were so

devastated, especially because Molly was has NEVER been sick

 a day in the short 10yrs of her life, while we had her! (She did have and recovered from Parvo as a very young puppy, prior to my acquiring her from a friend, who jus' didn't have time for her in her life!) We are so sad that she lost her life while we were away :( ! It makes it soooooo much harder to deal with her absence now! Miss Molly please forgive us!! :( We'll all miss her so much! 

Miss Muffin - Rescued January 2008. She was a Gray and White Parti Poodle.

RIP: Sadly, Miss Muffin went to be with the angels on September 23rd, 2013, after a lifelong battle with Liver Disease. We'll all miss her so much!

All of our own babies are very loving and enjoy interacting regularly with our guest.

Infact, we have witnessed many infatuations over the years!! heeheehee!! 

   Below are a few of our Distinguished Clients!

Please read our Brochure & Waiver to verify

your baby(s) will be ready for their visit with us!

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust

and deliver you the BEST service in the industry -

Just ask our clients!!

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