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Dog Charities

Our pets are beautiful and amazing creatures.They offer us company,

comfort, fun and love which is why they deserve our care and respect.

Yet,many animals are abused, left orphaned and usually killed since

they are considered to be of no earthly use to anyone.

De-PAW-ture Luv supports charities that help animals live a better

life and also teach pet owners as well as the general public about

animals and our responsibility towards them.

When you contribute to animal charities, you are helping to rescue dogs, cats,puppies and kittens from kill-shelters, providing them with medical care as well as loving homes. Your donation will go to help all the animals in need to love and shelter. It will make a difference.

North Shore Animal League AmericaYour donationwill go a long way in helping the cause of this organization – to save every homeless orphaned pet and to find each one a loving guardian and a safe place to call home.

has been saving the lives of homeless

pets for 65 years. They have the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world and house about 300 animals at any given time.

Get to know one of our Local 'No Kill" Shelters!

Their facility, their people, and their programs.

You CAN help!

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