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Service Rates & Fees

Know that your PET is #1 to us and your needs for their care are of utmost importance to us! The fees are based on a Customizable level of service that we provide in a CAGE/Kennel Free environment - just like your own home. 24/7 human and other pet companionship and playmates available - whether at your

home or ours. Your Baby(s) is/are NEVER on a Cold Hard Concrete Slab but in our beds with other resident & visiting buddies!

We ALWAYS require a'Meet & Greet 'interview - in either our home (if your pet will be staying on De-PAW-ture Luv premises) - or in your home if the care will be scheduled for your premises. It is very important - and NO SERVICE will be considered until that initial interview has been fulfilled.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver youthe BEST service in the industry.

Below is our

Once we have firmed up your reservations we will be sending you

a New Client Package to be filled out and placed on file.

Should the care be provided in your home we will also need to meet there and become familiar with your routines and needs Prior to your travel dates. Overnights at your home are becoming more rare as we continue to grow. We do however have a Drop-in Care option for 1 - 2 visits per day.

We will then be setting up a time to meet with you and your

baby (s). If your baby(s) will be staying in our home we like to have them come meet the rest of our family and any other guest that may be visiting at that time. This is an interview for both you and us. It allows us both to see if our home and services are the BEST fit for your needs. We realize that not all pets are happy with being away from their own families and we want you to be assured of their accommodations and level of care PRIOR to your travel!

We schedule interview/meet & greet appointments with all new client care - whether or not pet care is included.

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